SeaHorse Platforms have been used in many different applications including but not limited to the following services:

  • Wellhead Platforms
  • Satellite Platforms
  • Mini-CPP (Central Production & Processing Platforms)
  • Riser & Pipeline Gathering Platforms
  • Hybrid Drilling & Production Platforms
  • EOR – Injector or Producer Platforms
  • Early Production Facility Platforms
  • Extended Well Test Platforms
  • Short Field-Life / Re-locatable Platforms
  • Clamp-on Platforms
SPA-WellheadPlatform SPA-HybridPlatform SPA-CPPPlatform SPA-RiserPlatform SPA-SeaPony
Unmanned Wellhead Platform  Hybrid Drilling
& Production Platform
 Mini-CPP Platform Riser Platform SeaPony
“Clamp-on” Platform

Innovative Technology
SeaHorse Platforms can offer further novel applications such as:

  • SPA-SolarPoweredRe-locatable Platforms
  • Jack-Up Rig Installable Platforms
  • Solar Powered Platforms
  • EWT (Extended Well Test) and EPF (Early Production Facility) Platforms